• About us

    Our company is located at the northern downtown of Xuzhou City, being next to Jing-Fu Expressway, Long-Hai Railway and Jing-Hang Canal. Xuzhou is one of the most important transportation centers and a beautiful modern city with sufficient cultural background of Han dynasty. Our company has passed the evaluation of ISO 9001 certificate and we have obtained independent import and export rights. The main products of our company include alcohol bottles, beverages bottles, red wine bottles, beer bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetics bottles, candlesticks, craft bottles, sealed cans, canned bottles, glass milk feeders, glass cups, pickles bottles, and other related products. We also support the production of a variety of tinplate color caps, plastic color caps and aluminum color caps. Sample processing can be customized, and frosting, glass oven processing……more>

  • Contact Us

    Email: xzpaike@xzpaike.com

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